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Increase Your Online Privacy and Security with Webroot Antivirus

August 30 2016 , Written by Lisa Heydon Published on #Antivirus

Increase Your Online Privacy and Security with Webroot Antivirus

Surfing online is really an exciting thing, but it could be annoying when you browse a less secure or vulnerable website without using any privacy or security concern. If you are a regular Internet user and want to secure yourself while surfing the web, it is recommended to use advanced security solution, for example, Webroot antivirus. This Internet security program allows you to add plugins and extensions in order to improve your web browsing. In order to know more about your antivirus queries, you can contact at Webroot customer service. Have a look at the list of browser plugins are as follows:

Webroot Filtering Extension

Filtering Extension is a pretty much plugin helps you to safeguard you from harmful websites and online threats. It also provides the website’s reputation within your browser and available for all the users have this antivirus software.

Webroot Password Manager

Password manager becomes the necessity of today’s lifestyle to maintain and manage multiple passwords for your different accounts with the click of the mouse. It will ensure about storing passwords are encrypted and you have no need to worry about them. If you are using Webroot Internet Security Complete/ Webroot Internet Security Plus, you can access this utility properly.

HTTPS Everywhere

Numerous websites are unstable to HTTPS, but redundancy is never a bad option while talking about the security. It encrypts your communications with most important websites to make your surfing even more protected.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger blocks trackers and ads that access your online information to display tailored results. It works according to your browsing habits so if you browse more, it works better and much more effective. As a strong alternative of ad blocker, this is the most useful plugin work on your personal preference.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus allows you to block video ads, popups, and malware domains on various websites. But sometimes, you need to turn off this extension to see the website because of it blocks some necessary websites because of such websites display ads in order to get revenue. It also could be the best option to block irrelevant ads.

Hopefully, this above-listed recommendation will help you to make enjoyable your online experience. You can also add additional plug-in in order to keep enhancing the browser security. If you want to take more information about the use of extensions for Internet, you can contact with the certified and dedicated experts by dialing the Webroot customer support phone number. In order to locate this contact number, just browse the Contactforhelp web phone directory.

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