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3 Easy Steps to Upgrade to Bitdefender 2017

3 Easy Steps to Upgrade to Bitdefender 2017

The upgraded Bitdefender 2017 version is one of the best security solutions, letting the user to protect their system from viruses and malware.  If you are Bitdefender 2016 user, there’re a number of reasons you should update your antivirus software to the new Bitdefender 2017. The following guide will describe the reasons for upgrading the program and steps to update it without contacting the BitDefender antivirus customer support.

How to Upgrade To Bitdefender 2017

  • At first, click the ‘UPGRADE NOW’ in the Bitdefender notification window.

This action will start the download process. Then, your computer will be automatically prepared to update by eliminating your outdated program version. No worry; your license key is retained to activate Bitdefender 2017.

  • Click the ‘RESTART’ button to proceed with the upgrade

Now, your computer will restart. Just after computer reboot, you can view the Bitdefender 2017 installation window.

  • Click the ‘INSTALL’ button to start

Now, the installation process will start. Click the ‘Start Using Bitdefender’ button and sign in via your current account. Once login, now Bitdefender 2017 is activated and ready for the PC protection.

However, if you have any concerns or issues regarding the program update, you can dial the BitDefender customer service number and address your queries to the professionals for the immediate assistance.  If you want to know the advantages of an upgrade, consider reading the below guide.

Why Should You Upgrade?

Upgrading to the new Bitdefender version is an essential step to make sure your system gets the complete protection offered by it. By updating it freely, you will also get the new security and system optimization functions. Here’s know what’s new and advanced in its upgrading version.


Nowadays, this is the must-have functionality. Bitdefender 2017 provides you the complete security against the online threats of Ransomware, a kind of malicious program that encrypts and prevents access to your most important files and demands ransom for their unlock. Anti-Ransomware now has an instant protection against every kind of Ransomware.

Wi-Fi Security Advisor

If you are on the go and want to connect to the wireless networks on the different locations such as in cafes, parks, airports, or shopping malls, then how do you know it’s secure.  Wi-Fi Security Advisor will scan the network and then suggests the best action to secure your device and your confidentiality.

Easy to use

Now, Bitdefender becomes more user-friendly and easy to use than ever before. Along with other features, you can now use various advanced features from the intuitive menu located on the main Bitdefender window left-side.

Remote management

The Bitdefender Central and its management hub have a streamlined interface and a new dashboard so you can easily maintain your device security remotely.

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