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Common FAQ’s of Norton 22.8 Product Update

October 4 2016 , Written by Lisa Heydon Published on #Antivirus

Common FAQ’s of Norton 22.8 Product Update

They all are aware of the fact that Norton is known for its incredible antivirus products which are capable of restricting all the unwanted viruses, Trojans, and other malware activities to enter their system. With the motive to provide users with enhanced features and efficient security system, Norton keeps on updating its software after every frequent interval. Similarly, it has recently decided to come up with another update, which is being recognized as Norton product update.

Since the update is new, there are several queries in the minds of the users that need to be answered the company has opened the lines for Norton security contact number for the users so that they can call here and get instant answers. Alternatively, they have also come up with some of the common FAQ’s and their solutions here; you can take a look at them.

This update is for which products of Norton Antivirus?

Since the update is significant, it is available for most of the Norton Products. However, they have decided to enlist the names of those products, go through it once:

  1. Norton Security (Standard, Deluxe, Premium)
  2. Norton Security with Backup
  3. Norton Internet Security
  4. Norton 360
  5. Norton Antivirus
  6. Norton Security Suite

What is the version number and where this patch is available?

The exact version number for this patch is As of now, it is only available in via Live Update only. So, to get this, you need to run LiveUpdate just after you have finished downloading it simply. For the sake of the verification of the update, you need to at first launch the Main User Interface, followed by clicking on the “Help” button, and then you have the option that prompts “About.”

What are the changed and enhanced features of this update?

  1. Supplementary prompts to set up the newly added ID Safe support for Firefox
  2. Detached the optical (CD-DVD) backup attribute due to broad trend to obsolescence. However, the product will carry on to support restore from optical media
  3. Minor ease of use changes to the way the 'More Norton' mainstay of the fundamental UI is flipped
  4. Changed the stream for empowering program based elements in Firefox (SafeSearch, Security Toolbar, and Identify Safe)

What is new?

  1. Added a connection to dispatch Norton Forums from the Help Center UI
  2. Added the capacity to Add a Device from the Help Center UI straightforwardly

When can I get the patch?

Similar to their standard practice, they are sending the patch in a staged way. The company has discharged the patch to choose clients haphazardly, and will then screen their telemetry, and in addition, they have also created a forum to resolve the queries of the users. When they have affirmed the viability of the patch, they will make it accessible to all clients. They will post a report on the Norton Community Forums when they make the patch accessible to all clients.

Apart from this, if you have any other queries that are related to this update, don’t be late to give a call to the experts by dialing Norton Antivirus customer service number. If you don’t have this number, instantly get it from the site of an online directory – Contactforhelp.

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