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Fix If Computer Locks Up Completely While Installing Norton Antivirus

October 18 2016 , Written by Lisa Heydon Published on #Antivirus

Fix If Computer Locks Up Completely While Installing Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus is mainly intended to work faultlessly in the background to keep your computer system secure from online threats. Occasionally, Norton may lead your system to run slowly or even lock up when you install the software package. Both new installations and up-to-date installations can cause the error, but the precise reason differs from system to system. At one go, you can also avail the Norton customer service to find out the potential errors via experts help.

Running Multiple Anti-virus Programs

Whenever you install multiple security software, you may run the risk of conflicting programs on your computer. If you already have installed antivirus software, then firstly removes it before installing the new one. Trying to install both can be the reason of system locks up after installing Norton. To fix the problem, one of the best ways is to uninstall both and then reinstall it again. You can prefer additional security like a firewall, but a complete antivirus suite can conflict with each other.

Corrupted Installation

If you operate other application while installing Norton or your system shuts down without warning during the installation, then the installation file may be corrupted. When Norton may seem to have been installed successfully, your system will lock up or freeze while the program tries to run. If you may able to fix all problems by ending up all running processes, then the problem may be due to incorrect installation. Use the 'Norton Removal Tool' to remove the antivirus software. Restart your system, close all running program tabs, and then reinstall the Norton.


Every Norton security package is designed to work on the particular operating system using least hardware requirements. Check the software capability with your computer hardware before installation.  If your system is not compatible with the installed program, your computer may lock up.  Running Norton within incompatible computer can cause difficulties to handle all of the essential processes of the program.

Outdated Norton Files

If you have a trial version or outdated program’s version, remove or uninstall it entirely before installing a new software version. You can do this if you don’t want to upgrade from existing version. If some files are left behind during uninstallation on your computer, they can conflict with the newly installed program and can cause the computer to lock up. If you are unable to fix the computer locks up the issue, then you can call on the Norton antivirus support phone number and get the right solution reading antivirus issues.

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