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How to Troubleshoot If Mozilla Firefox not working properly

October 13 2016 , Written by Lisa Heydon Published on #mozilla firefox support phone number

How to Troubleshoot If Mozilla Firefox not working properly

Is your Mozilla Firefox browser not working properly? Don’t panic! Problems with Mozilla Firefox are mainly caused due to the faulty themes or extensions, corrupt files, or incorrect browser settings. Sometimes Firefox also displays a blank page or open a transparent window if browser components like add-ons cause display problems. If you are a business owner who depends on Firefox for emailing and social networking to produce new business, then it’s necessary for you to troubleshoot and fix ‘Mozilla Firefox not workingissue for productivity.

Use Safe Mode

Firefox Safe Mode is a particular mode of the browser that is mainly used to troubleshoot and resolve issues. While running Firefox in Safe Mode, all plugins are disabled. Additionally, it temporarily resets settings that may cause issues. Before running the browser in Safe Mode, check that no other browser instance window is working. When you assure that your browser is shut down completely, hold the ‘Shift’ key when you open the browser again to launch it automatically in Safe Mode. Click ‘Start in Safe Mode,’ your browser works without themes and extensions. If your browser is still showing the blank pages, check for other possible issues.

Troubleshoot Plug-ins

Though plug-ins such as download managers, toolbars, and media players can enhance browser's performance, a corrupted plug-in can lead the browser to show blank pages and obstruct Firefox to work properly. Open the ‘Add-ons Manager’ via the browser menu, then click the ‘Extensions’ tab to show your plug-ins. Check for necessary updates and installation if you don’t have that, it may cause the browser issues. If you find a suspicious plug-in that is causing errors, remove or disable that particular plug-in and restart the Firefox to apply changes. If you don’t have any knowledge how to turn off plug-ins, contact Mozilla support for professional assistance.

Scan For Malware

In most circumstances, Firefox will not work or show blank page due to malware infections like as Trojans, spyware and rogue security programs. Some malware is known to take over the browser and can cause the display issue. If your system is not working as expected, scan using the trusted anti-virus to remove hazardous parasites. Additionally, scanning the system using anti-malware can improve the possibilities of diagnosing and removing viruses that intrude the registry and computer folders to cause issues.

Reset Firefox

Sometimes, resetting the browser can fix Firefox not working issues because this action can restore it to the default factory state. You can fix various browser issues that are difficult to tackle at times. While resetting the browser, its configurations settings and preferences are restored automatically to the original state without removing information, including browsing history, bookmarks, passwords and cookies. Click ‘Reset Firefox’ and wait for the Firefox to reset and close automatically.

Once the process is finished, you can open the Firefox to show the information and browse the Internet. However, if resetting the browser doesn’t solve the problem, you can call on the Firefox helpline number and seek the complete resolution.

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