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Why My Epson Printer Does Not Come Out of Sleep Mode

Why My Epson Printer Does Not Come Out of Sleep Mode

Why you give a print command to the printer, as expected the device should react and start printing. However, if your Epson printer remains asleep, you should try to fix the problem instantly for getting your work done and preventing the possible loss of money and time. Although the number of cases may result in a sleepy printer, you should try to find the most common culprits might helpful to awaken the device from sleep. To get a hassle-free solution, you can also avail of the Epson printer customer service and seek help.

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Cable Connection

Check that if the Ethernet cable that is connected to the printer to your PC has no physical damage; otherwise, both devices will not be able to communicate with each other, and your printer stays asleep. Check the cable by connecting to another USB device. If the cable has damage like crimps or fraying, replace it with the new one.

Updating Software

Sometimes, you may face difficulties with Epson printer due to corrupted or damaged driver. If you just upgraded or downgraded your system’s operating system, then you should install updated software drivers before the system can wake and connect to the printer. These updates often fix bugs, add new functionality, and enhanced print quality. Download the update drivers from the Epson official site, ensuring to choose the correct software for your printer model and operating system of the computer. Follow the on-screen guide to avoid possible issues resulting from incorrectly installed software.


Unfortunately, your Epson printer model may not be able to communicate to wake from sleep mode at times when used with a Windows computer. At such time, you should power the printer off manually and then restart it to restore the communication between devices. However, this is the temporary solution. If you want a long-term fix, you can turn off the sleep function if your Epson printer includes. Go to the Epson official website for getting to know the accurate information about your printer settings.

Wireless Connection

If your Epson printer uses a wireless internet connection, then it’s necessary to have the strong strength of Wi-Fi signal to support printer communication correctly. With a weak signal, your printer may not be able to wake up to sleep mode. To fix the wireless connection problems, connect your printer directly to the computer via the USB cable. Another possible fix includes avoiding the extreme use of Internet while printing; try to close other media streaming devices or wireless printers.


If all troubleshooting methods fail, the problem may be related to your computer or printer hardware. At such time, try to change the USB port if one is causing the problem. Sometimes, malfunctioning printer device can also cause the printer to asleep. In such situations, you should call on the Epson printer technical support number to get the exact solution regarding your Epson printer issues.

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