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Get to Know How to Connect Kodak Printer Wirelessly

Get to Know How to Connect Kodak Printer Wirelessly

Even though it looks like a common thing nowadays, not that most of the printers do work wirelessly. The Kodak, yet, manufactures various higher priced models of multifunction printing machines that do print via Bluetooth. It makes easy for several computers in an office or home to connect wirelessly and print via a printer without using the mass of wires. Just like other computer peripherals, still, Kodak wireless printers can be fussy. Sometimes, it refuses to connect wirelessly for which you need to contact the Kodak printer technical support to troubleshoot the printer problems.


Check to make sure your system has the wireless card installed.

If it doesn’t have a wireless device, you can utilize a ‘dongle’ in the USB port; however, it doesn’t always operate correctly. Sometimes, turning off the system will make it challenging to re-establish the wireless connection during startup. If you’re using a desktop PC with PCI card slots, there’s easy to install the Wi-Fi PCI card to connect your Kodak printer to the computer wirelessly.


Connect your Kodak printer to the computer via a USB cable.

It’s necessary to set up the wireless connection to your printer. You can unplug the cable when you have established the connection between your computer and the printer.


Insert the Kodak software installation disc into the system and continue with the instructions for drivers’ installation.

It will let you set up the printer for wireless connections; in that case, the system has Wi-Fi capabilities. The Installation disc also comes with programs for scanning images via your multifunction printer.


Press the ‘Home’ button on the Kodak printer.

It will bring up options on the printer’s LCD screen. Scroll down to the ‘Wi-Fi Setup Wizard’ by using the arrow keys. Click the ‘OK’ button, and then choose the ‘Wireless’ option from the menu options and click the ‘OK’ button again. The Kodak printer will provide a list of possible networks, where you can choose the right one.


Remove the USB cable when your setup is finished.

Turn the printer off, wait a few moments, and then start it back on. Wait until it starts and then you can see the Wi-Fi light display on the printer. If it flickers, means that there may be an issue with the wireless connection. If it’s a solid light, you have connected your Kodak printer appropriately.

Other Considerations:

If you got stuck at middle while connecting your Kodak printer wirelessly, you should dial the direct Kodak printer technical support phone number and consider getting help to the skilled experts to sort out all your printing snags in no time.

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