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How to Fix If Norton Antivirus Won't allow Internet Explorer to Open

November 21 2016 , Written by Lisa Heydon Published on #Antivirus

How to Fix If Norton Antivirus Won't allow Internet Explorer to Open

Protecting your office’s computers from malware and other online threats is necessary to keep safe your data and the network. Norton Internet security programs have a number of features intended to secure your PCs, one of them is the firewall. However, if you’re unable to browse the Internet or your IE browser isn’t opening or working correctly, then you can fix the problem by changing your firewall security settings. In such situations, you can also seek help by dialing the Norton customer support number. Here’s how to fix.

What is the Firewall?

A firewall program works as a barrier between the Internet and your PC, preventing your system to access the potential harmful threats, applications and malware inventing from outside your network. It also manages which applications are allowed to connect to the Internet on your system. To let Internet Explorer access the Internet, you need to adjust the program permissions. The process varies somewhat depending on the Norton software’s version you’re using.

Norton Internet Security and Firewall

To let IE connect to the Internet on a PC having installed Norton Internet Security or Firewall, access the ‘Personal Firewall’ feature and click the ‘Status & Settings’ option on the menu bar on the screen’s left side. Click the ‘Personal Firewall’ option, followed by the ‘Configure.’ Locate the ‘Programs’ tab, and then click on it to find IE in the ‘Program Control’ table. Once you find it, click the ‘Access’ column related to IE and choose the ‘Allow All’ option. Click the ‘OK’ button to apply your changes.

Norton 360

If you’re using the Norton 360 program, the way to allow Internet Explorer to connect to the Internet is slightly different than the use of Norton Internet Security. Choose the ‘Tasks & Settings’ option on the main menu and then ‘Advanced Settings.’ Click on the ‘Firewall Protection Settings’ followed by ‘Firewall Program Rules’ tab. Now, choose ‘Internet Explorer’ from programs list, and then click the ‘Allow’ button in the Access column. Click ‘Apply.’

Other Considerations

If the problem still remains, then you should consult with the experts to get the solution.  At such time, you can call at the Norton support number to know how to change Norton configurations on each computer to allow the IE to access the Internet on that system. A firewall is an essential tool for protection against online threats. So, before configuring any program for Internet security, make sure it’s trustworthy.

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