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How to Fix If You Can’t Open Attachments in AOL Mail

How to Fix If You Can’t Open Attachments in AOL Mail

AOL Mail is a free webmail service provided by AOL, which let you interact with people via the email messages. However, it’s prone to having certain email issues as you might not be able to send/receive emails and view attached files. If you’re facing challenges opening attachments received via the AOL Mail, then there are a number of causes for the obstacle. First, check that you have the correct software to read the attached file. Also, try to restart your PC and download the file after some time. You can run the Quick Restore service of AOL to fix the problems as well. If these don’t work, then call at the AOL customer service number to avail the solution.

Dial 24*7 Customer Care Helpline Number

Phone Number:   ☎   866-987-2478  ​​​​

Call Time:  Average Wait: 1 mins – 24 hours, 7 days, also available on Holidays.

Alternatively, you can also try the following hacks that are enlisted-below to open the attachments in AOL Mail:- 

1. Download the Files Properly

Make sure that you’re downloading the files correctly before trying to fix the problem. For images, click the photo on the email’s text right-side to see the preview of the Image. Scroll your cursor over the picture to disclose a title, and then click on it to download the photo. To download files, just click the files’ name on the email’s text right side. If you use a web browser, it generally appears as a window prompting you to download and view the file. Select the download option. It automatically saves the downloaded files to the ‘Documents’ or ‘My Documents’ folder on the computer.

2. Check you have Correct Software

Check whether you have the right software on the system to open the file if you can download it but not view it. For instance, if it’s a PDF file, then you should have a PDF viewer. For the DOCX file, you need the MS Word or DOCX-compatible software. In the case of incorrect software, your PC brings up a screen saying you it doesn’t identify the file type. It shows other software to use to open the file.

3. Restart and Download Again

If the problem still exists, it’s suggested to reboot the PC and try to download the file again. While you reset the computer, it will remove much of the RAM and provide you a new slate and resolve the issue. When you have restarted your PC, open the AOL Mail account and try to download the file again. If possible, then try to download via a different PC or re-send the file to the sender and check that it works at the other’s end.  

4. AOL Quick Restore

If you receive your AOL mail via the AOL software, it’s suggested that run the Quick Restore feature came with the software. In Windows 7, click the ‘Start’ menu and type the ‘system’ into the search bar to find this feature. Choose the ‘AOL System Information’ option from the list that displays. Once the related window appears, click the ‘AOL Software’ on the screen’s left side, and then the ‘Quick Restore,’ followed by the ‘OK’ on the next screen. Once the process completes, click on the ‘Close’ button. Start your AOL program again to check if you can download and open the attachment.

5. Other Considerations

If all efforts fail and the problem still continues as you’re unable to open the AOL’s attached files, then it’s highly recommended to consult with the certified and skilled professionals by dialing the AOL customer support number and acquire the immediate solution.


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md mohammed 01/23/2021 12:59

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How to troubleshoot login issues on AOL mail on I phone? 03/28/2020 09:53

If IPhone is troubling you and you are not able to log in your AOL mail account then in that case, it is advisable to check the username and password also the user should conduct a proper set up of the account, If needed then for knowing more the user should get connected with the team of trained and certified experts as and when needed. There is no such issue that cannot be resolved by the AOL technical team.