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4 Easy Steps to Remove and Restore Items from Quarantined With Avira

December 9 2016 , Written by Lisa Heydon Published on #Antivirus

Staying aware about your office's security software helps you to assure your essential business files are safe from viruses and malicious online threats. While Avira antivirus tackles any viruses or malware infected document, it automatically moves them to its secure Quarantine directory. After transferring files at this location, the items are managed by the Avira's Quarantine management section, which allows you to rescan infected items and send them back to Avira for further inspection.

If you want to delete any affected file completely or, clean and restore them, then you can use the Quarantine management panel to perform these necessary actions. The process of doing that clearly depends on which operating system you’re using; it may vary slightly or significantly with Avira Mac Security for Mac OS and Avira Professional Security for Windows systems. However, if you find any troublesome, then you can contact Avira customer service and seek the necessary help.

  1. First of all, open the Avira Control Center program, choose the ‘Administration’ option and then click the ‘Quarantine’ to access the Quarantine management panel.
  2. Roll out the list of quarantined items and click on the file which you want to remove or restore.
  3. Click on the button relating to the action you want to perform on the quarantined file. Click the ‘Delete’ if you want to remove the file. Or if you want to restore the file, choose either ‘Restore’ or ‘Restore To’ and click on it.

The ‘Restore’ button transfers file back to its original position on your PC. The ‘Restore To button’ shows a ‘Save As’ asking you to choose the place where you want to store the recovered files.

  1. Click the ‘Apply’ button to make sure you want to remove or restore the file. When you restore a file, you may be prompted to provide the administrative password to ensure that you have the authorization to recover the file.

However, if you get failed to remove or restore your deleted files from Quarantined, it’s highly recommended that you should try to consult with the professionals to get resolved all your queries and problems instantly. At such time, you can call at the Avira customer support number and address your issues to experts related to the Avira antivirus and seek the instant solution.

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