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Advanced Performance and Protection Features of New Norton Security Solution

December 6 2016 , Written by Lisa Heydon Published on #Antivirus

Advanced Performance and Protection Features of New Norton Security Solution

Norton is a renowned name for offering high tech security protection for users across different platforms such as Windows, iOS, Mac and Android. The New Norton Security Software recently launched by Symantec has brought some advanced performance and protection features for the users. These features have highly enhanced the capability of the software and taken it a notch higher. To know more about them and avail these wonderful features, you can get in touch with Norton Customer Service. Norton Security has come up with multi-layer security technology for protection of device, personal files and privacy from threats such as malicious websites, phishing attacks and zero days. Here are the enhanced features listed below:

Emulation Technology

Cybercriminals have devised a unique way to bypass the conventional security solutions, which they do by hiding malicious codes in files that appear totally harmless. The emulation technology used by New Norton Security Software tracks down malware before it does damage to the system. For this purpose, it unpacks and runs the suspicions looking files in a virtual system to examine them before that actually have any effect on the actual system.

Proactive Exploit Prevention

Another outstanding feature offered by New Norton Security Software is that of Proactive Exploit Prevention technology which detects holes in software applications by finding malicious activities which indicate zero-day attacks. In this way, the software ensures that the system is protected against exploit attacks during the crucial time period between the deployments of vulnerable software till the installation of software patch.

Predictive Machine Learning Engine

All the conventional antivirus software makes use of signatures of malware for protecting the consumers against them. As cyber criminals are aware of the same, they evade the signatures by creating and delivering the variations of the malware. The new feature of Predictive Machine Learning Engine prevents the same by effective anticipation of the evolving malware variants. The feature makes a statistical model which detects unknown malware and protects the system from it.

My Norton

My Norton is an advanced web portal which transforms the interaction between the user and Norton services. With this feature, it is possible for the user to access the subscription features as well as manage and protect their devices and accounts from new threats. Smart messaging and alerts, multi device protection, back up and parental controls are some of the best services offered by My Norton.

Faster Mac protection

New Norton Security Software ensures speedier and better protection for Mac, with faster scans and low utilization of overall memory on the devices.

To get to know the new version of the software, you can call Norton customer service number, where expert help can be availed round the clock. The number connects you a team of certified Norton professionals who can assist you and guide you regarding the software as well as issues related with it.

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