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How do I Import my Accounts Chart in QuickBooks

December 31 2016 , Written by Lisa Heydon Published on #Import Accounts Chart in QuickBooks, #Import QuickBooks transaction, #customer support

Import Quickbooks Transactions

QuickBooks is popular accounting software trusted by users across the world. The software is easy to understand and simple to use and also offers excellent support services which can be availed by placing a call at QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number 2017. Amongst the common issues and queries that QuickBooks users come across is how to import the chart of accounts in the software. While it may be feasible to call QuickBooks helpline phone number for instant online support, you may also try doing the same with the following steps:

1. Start by clicking on Gear Icon>Import Data>Accounts.
2. The file should be suitable for being imported. For instance, it must be in Excel format or a .csv file.
3. Click “Browse” for locating your file
4. Then click “Open”.
5. Click the drop down menus that lie beside the field description for choosing the field that has to be imported. Choose “No Match” if you do not use a field.
6. Click “Next” when you are ready.
7. If critical field are being missed, you will be informed with instructions about the same.
8. Once done, click “Import”

Here are a few points that have to be noted while you carry out these steps:

  • The Type as well as Detail Type should be aligned with the types in QuickBooks. If not, an error message in red will be displayed and the line items would have to be changed manually.
  • Select the best fit in Type and Detail Type as new ones cannot be added because these are hard coded in the system. “Account Name”, “Account Type” and “Detail Type”. The heading must be there even if these fields do not have data. The error will be cleared out once the headings are entered.
  • Import limit is set as 1000 rows or 2 MB.
  • Since the colon character is not allowed, the parent: sub account relationship will be imported as parents first, followed by adjustment for becoming subs on chart of accounts after the import process is done.
  • Import is additive, which means that the accounts will be added to the Chart of Accounts which already exists. At the same time, it will not subtract the standard accounts that came as a part of QuickBooks.
  • The import cannot be undone.
  • An error saying “Error while reading the file. Format may be incorrect”. In this case, you have to check out the column headings A to D, while should be “Account Number”,

If you are unable to import the Chart of Accounts into QuickBooks using these steps, it would be best to dial quickbooks online support to get instant professional guidance. This number connects you with certified technicians who are available round the clock to support you on all QuickBooks issues.

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