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5 Steps to Transfer All IncrediMail Files and Settings to New Computer

March 22 2017 , Written by Lisa Heydon Published on #Transfer All IncrediMail Files and Settings, #IncrediMail support

Whether you’re going to format your computer, update your operating system, or change your system completely, you have no need to worry about misplacing all your email messages, contacts, folders, or email account settings. Via its “Data and Settings Transfer” feature, you can simply transmit all your settings and files to the new IncrediMail installation so that the email messages and account settings are recovered like as they were in the original program.

Transfer All IncrediMail Files and Settings

The IncrediMail “Data and Settings Transfer” feature stores all your account data in successive 700MB files that can then be quickly moved from one PC to another via the standard CDs. If your email data is stored in an above 700MB file, you should copy the entire files before trying to recover your IncrediMail data.To transfer your account folders and settings, proceed to the steps below which are revealed by email experts at IncrediMail technical support.


  1. In the program’s main window, click on the “File” menu, and then roll down to the “'Data and Settings Transfer Wizard,” followed by choosing the “Export Data and Settings” option.
  2. Next, the “Export Data and Settings” dialog box will appear. Click the “Next” button to continue.
  3. Now, you will be suggested by a location to store your data. If you want to save your information in another place, click the “Browser” option and choose a different location. When you choose a location for your email data, click the “Next” button.


Note that the folder where your account data is saved will be titled “IncrediMail Transferred Data” every time. However, if you have no need to keep your entire account content, remove the checkbox labeled as “I would also like to export my content.”

  1. Afterward, the “Data Export” dialog appears and the data exporting process is displayed.
  2. When the “Data and Settings” process is finished, you can access the folder having your data saved by clicking the “Open Data Folder.” Subsequently, click the “Finish” button to close the process and return to IncrediMail program.

However, if you want to see technical information about the Data and Settings Transfer procedure, click the “View Log” option. Problems while transferring data are unexpected, so you should always be aware of the troublesome circumstances that might need to be resolved with the expert assistance. At such time, you can call at the IncrediMail technical support number and get the resolution of problems while transferring program data from the first PC to the new computer.

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